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How to Claim Compensation for Car Window Damage Due to Grass Cutting Work

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Steps to Handle Car Window Damage from Road Maintenance Work

Has It Ever Happened?

Has your car window ever been broken due to road maintenance work? Don’t worry. Follow these steps to manage the situation calmly:

1. Stop in a Safe Place

Stop your vehicle in a safe location. Then, approach the responsible contractor. Obtain details such as their phone number, name, company registration, and project number if available. Each project is usually covered by general insurance/takaful. Local authorities require any company winning a road maintenance tender to have insurance to cover any unforeseen accidents.

2. File a Police Report Within 24 Hours

File a police report as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours. The report should include the grass cutter’s details (if available, an IC number is even better), the company’s name and address, the date and time of the incident, and the location of the incident. Also, include photographic and video evidence if possible.

3. Contact Your Takaful/Insurance Provider

Contact your takaful or insurance provider to find out which workshop can repair the damage. Claim compensation from the contractor’s insurance or takaful.

4. If the Contractor Refuses Responsibility

If the contractor refuses to take responsibility or delays the cooperation process, you may need to use your own takaful or insurance coverage if it includes window damage.

By following these steps, you can handle car window damage incidents more efficiently and reduce stress.

Aliff Shanusi

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